Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Romsey Go-Kart Race

Fantastic cart preparation from cubs and scouts who had all come along with some very original and colourful ideas.
The Results:
Isaac and Lily came third with ‘Showbusiness’ - a cart featuring the glitz of entertainers with an original guitar neck feature on the front chassis and parrot figure head. Detachable showbiz signs made for a useful water shield for Lily as she bra
ed the fireman’s hose by the Abbey.
Louie and Toby came second with ‘Death on Wheels’ - a very sinister looking duo with Toby pushing his Skeleton brother Louie as The Grim Reaper. The coffin and headstone looked like they had just been dug up from the Abbey graveyard.
and William and Oliver first with ‘Tanzania 2017’  (or, Tan-zane-ee-uh, as the event commentator pronounced it!) - promoting their trip next year they crossed the finishing line in first place dressed in animal costumes and cart with African themes. Could have been the caste from Lion King!

Impossible to give prizes to everyone but our other worthy entrants included
Jamie and Jack ‘R’ sporting very convincing Dennis the Menace costumes and a cart ’The Menace’, complete with Gnasher mounted on the front. By the end of the race the poor dog looked a bit worse for wear but it was quite a long way round the course…
Theo S and Marcus produced ‘Ferrari la Go Kart’ with a super paint job and Formula 1 style bodywork. A high speed duo who had an excellent race start and I hope we will see more of their styling ingenuity next time we race!
Henry B and Theo C had an excellent race and some wheel to wheel action with entrants from the Cubs 100 team. Their theme and costume as Pokemon Mega Ruby and Alpha SaphireX was brilliant and showed great imagination.

The cart racing was followed by the Wheel Barrow Race and the Bed Race and finally the Prize Giving. Thanks to the Carnival Committee for organising the event which judging by the reactions of the crowd was hugely enjoyed
Well done to 3rd Romsey Scout Group for being a part of it!

Sarah Beaman
3rd Romsey Scout Leader - Ashanti Troop

Monday, 25 April 2016

St. George's Day Parade - Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday in Romsey Abbey the Cubs celebrated 100 years since their formation.    Janice Waterman ADC Cubs lead The Grand Howl followed by Flag break.

A little later on in the service candles were lite and a huge circle was formed with cubs holding lighted candles. This was to symbolise candles on a birthday cake and Happy Birthday was sung by everyone to Scouting and Guiding. The guides also were celebrating 100 years since the formation of their senior section.

When the Saints Go marching in was also sung by the cubs complete with flag waving!

It was good to see so many young people giving thanks for our patron saint of Scouting
 St. George

Monday, 11 April 2016

1st Romsey celebrate 100 yrs of Cub Scouting

Three months in the planning and after an hour it is all over. Since January the Cubs have been making invitations, bunting, a totem pole, a banderlog tree, gift bags, taking photos with Mowgli our lego mascot to make a slide show, practicing songs and sketches to perform in front of 30 guests plus parents to celebrate 100 years of Cub Scouting. Everyone was given a bingo card and a name badge to kick the evening off so lots of discussion of who has climbed Snowden, can speak a foreign language and juggle (not all at the same time).

 There were photos & books from the archive to prompt memories and created a few laughs as Akela had hair once upon a time. After some refreshments each six performed a campfire sketch involving wheelbarrows, an invisible bench, brains and snot (typical boys). The evening finished with 4 songs for all to join in and many Cubs were still singing when they got home.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

100 Years of Cub Scouting Celebrated

3rd Romsey Scout Group enjoyed a canapé reception and dinner at Romsey Town Hall last Saturday 12th March. This was the third year for this highly popular fund raising event.
The Scout Movement is celebrating 100 years of Cub Scouting in 2016 and so there was particular reference to this milestone occasion for the evening. 

Character names from the Jungle Book were used as table names which were decorated with artistic flair by Fiona Smith. Local businesses had generously donated high quality prizes which ensured the raffle was extremely well supported. 

Sarah Beaman, acting Group Scout Leader, knows how important the opportunities in scouting are to young people
“Scouting offers experiences for our children which go beyond their home and school life. Without the help and support of our adult volunteers it would not be possible. Great fundraising events like our dinner dance can provide the ‘tools’ for our Leadership Team to share Scouting for all. Thanks to all our guests for making this happen at 3rd Romsey”

Saturday, 13 February 2016

3rd Romsey Scouts access all areas at St Mary's Fire Station

The Scouts had a brilliant evening at St Mary's Fire Station, we were shown around by Green Watch and got to see from the top to the bottom.  We saw the leisure rooms, the gym, the kitchen (curry for dinner!), the training classroom and then down to look around the engines.  Slight change of plan when some of Green Watch were called out on a Shout - but we carried on regardless.  We climbed all over the fire engines, tried on uniforms, wore breathing apparatus and asked to go down the firemans' pole - but they wouldn't let us!  

The Scouts then took over one of the vehicles - but they did remember to give it back.
The best bits.....
​ We had fun visiting the fire station - it was very big. We got to go round in a van and they talked about actual fire drills, and showed us where they sleep. They have a kitchen where they take turns to cook, but they have to be ready to drop everything for a shout at any time - they can get changed and on the engine in less than a minute.
We enjoyed going in the fire engine and we went round the block in the van.  Checking over the breathing apparatus.  It was cool looking down the fire pole.  One of the guys got called out on a shout.

We loved sitting on everyone in the fire engine, watching TV in the bar, wearing the breathing apparatus, dressing up was great and trying out the beds in the dorms.
What was good? Seeing the pole. Smelling the chicken.  Watching You've been Framed.  Seeing the nice fireman.  Sitting in a fire engine!

Thank you so much to Green Watch - it was a fantastic evening, informative and good fun!
Sarah Beaman
3rd Romsey Scout Lead
er - Ashanti Troop

Thursday, 4 February 2016

1st Romsey Cubs visit Fort Purbrook

As part of the February 100 challenge to ‘get up and down’ the Pack took a tour with Maurice around Fort Purbrook.

The forts on Portsdown Hill were built as a result of the 1859 Royal Commission to defend Portsmouth. The main threat was perceived to be from Napoleon III of France, but this receded soon after the forts' completion. Due to this they became known as "Palmerston's Folly" the Prime Minister at the time. They were useful anti-aircraft gun emplacements during World War II.


The best bit of the visit was jumping on the drawbridge to see how much of an echo each person could create. Sam’s Dad was the winner. 


Toby and Sam were invested at the end of the tour.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Tanzania 2017 International Scout Expedition

The first training weekend for Tanzania 2017 (T17) was held last weekend. The three Romsey Scouts were off in different directions to meet their new team mates. It was very successful weekend and a lot of fun. Everyone finally found out who was in the smaller project groups and who they would be spending 4 weeks with. There were so many people at the selection weekend in November that it was hard to remember anyone, there are 25 of Scouts & Leaders in each of the smaller teams so it took a lot less time to remember everyone’s names.
Ollie Taylor from 6th Romsey was with Team Swala Pala (a type of impala), they will be redeveloping the Tanzania National Scout Campsite. They learnt 2017 is a very important year for Tanzanian Scouts as it will be the centenary of Scouting in their country. The Tanzania Scouts have been given land for a new national Scout campsite and Team Swala Pala will provide a new clean water well, build a new HQ building as well as a large shelter and toilets and showers. The development of the national campsite enables Tanzanian Scouts to hold Leader & Patrol Leader training events, hold national camps and will also help them earn an income from allowing tourists and other Scouts to camp there.
Kathleen Beaman from 3rd Romsey and Will Richards from 4th Romsey were in Team Tembo (Elephant in Swahili) stayed in a Scout HQ in Lyndhurst. The first thing was a quiz where everyone fits on the fact sheet but a name can only be used once, matching up each fact to a name meaning everyone actually had to talk to each other and learn small amounts of information to finish the quiz. It was great fun even if it did get very competitive by the end. The weekend was spent playing team games and getting to know a bit more about Tanzania. The school that is being re-built is, at the moment, in very bad condition. There are about 8 benches and a few poles holding roof above their heads, not a good environment to try and learn in. The class ranges between the ages of 5-12 and each of them have to learn whilst in a very cramped area. There was also the chance to learn some Swahili. Kathleen said “It was really exiting to learn some of their language as we will be out there for a long time we should try and speak a bit of their language. One of my favourite words we learnt was “Pipi” which translates to sweets!“

After brain storming fundraising ideas, swimming, dodge ball and a very muddy game of ultimate frisbee they all sat down together watching none other than Toy Story! The bonding worked, they all got to know each other by the end of the weekend and had a great time doing some silly team games before it was time to go home. Will said “I can’t wait till the next training weekend were we get too see each other again and learn some more about our trip to Tanzania in 2017!“

​If you would like to sponsor these three Romsey Scouts or donate towards the cost of the project please contact scouts@3rdromseyscouts.org.uk